Admissions & Transfers

For the majority of people admission to the Cedars will usually follow a formal assessment by the Social Services Department. It is then left with the individual and their family/friends to decide exactly which home they would prefer to live in and for the home to confirm that we can adequately meet the individual's needs.

Older people who do not require local authority funding are free to approach a home directly - the onus will then be with the home to clarify that individual needs can then be met. At the Cedars we recognise this as a very important process as it is essential that the individual concerned is satisfied and content living at the home.

Preferably all potential residents will first visit the home to 'see what it is like' before contemplating any commitment. Even when a person has been admitted to the home there is still a trial period (usually up to six weeks), when a resident has time to consider whether the Cedars is the appropriate place to live.


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