Medical Services

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that the Cedars is informed of any medication/treatment that relates to the individual resident prior to treatment. It must also be made clear to the home if it is deemed inappropriate for a resident to self medicate. Staff must also be informed of any 'home remedies' that are introduced to the Cedars. This information will form part of the care plan process.

a) General Practitioner and pharmacy - As stated previously the Cedars works closely with the local GP practice and pharmacy to ensure that all medical requirements are appropriately dealt with.

b) Podiatrist, dentist, optician - For residents who receive state financial support the above services are usually arranged free of charge. For those who do not receive state benefits, the above services can still be arranged but will usually be subject to a charge by the individual practioner. Further details are available on request.

c) Nursing support - this is provided via the GP surgery and other local services (for example, community mental health team).

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